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Feeling:The current mood of FloralTears at www.imood.com
Listening to: "Mysterious" track from Mario Paint
Reading: All Systems Red by Martha Wells
Playing: Hades
Working on: A couple new pages for here.

My Hobbies Are...

Painting, Drawing, Video Games, Crochet, D+D, Day Dreaming, Hanging out with my Friends, Model Kits.

Blinkies blinkie zone
bad website design
'puter friends
flamin' hot (cheetos)
I love sunflowers
luv my peeps
feel'in froggy
fruit is my friend
don't rush me
I like painting
I love MS Paint
I'm so glad we clicked
believe in yourself
be kind to your computer
neocities dot org

Hello, Welcome to my little webspace!

Hold My Hand Pixel Club

HMH Club: 1 new member! Diary: 1 unimportant/filler entry.

Links: 1 new button. Adoptables: 1 butterfly, 1 holiday event snowflake I forgot to share, 1 doll. Index: changed the "currently..." section a bit.

HMH: 2 new pixels! Diary: New Entry.

HMH Club: 2 new submissions!

Adoptables: 1 new tile (mossy brick.) Yarn Box: New (final) entry.

Happy New Year! Diary: New entry.

Index: New Design. Diary: New Entry.

Diary + Archive: New layouts. Index: Christmas Theme! Other: The HMH Pixel Club will be partnered with the 32-Bit Cafe for their 2023 Holiday Event!

Diary: New entry. Yarn Box: New entry.

Diary: New entry. Yarn Box: New entry. Adoptables: A contest entry :-) !

HMH Club: Two new entries, plus I updated the templates - the sitting one is now transparent and all of them are off-black now (so copy/pasting is an option if you prefer.) Links: One new (archived) page I found. Toybox: Forever adding more cute pixels.

New Page: I Love Lava Lamps! Toybox: a few new adoptions + some rearranging.

Diary: New Entry. Various other pages: Some minor tweaks under the hood.

Adoptables: 2 charms for the charm bracelet pixel club + 1 tile. Toybox: New section for charm bracelet club!

Adoptables: I made a teacup for Afternoon Tea. Toybox: Added a section for Kitty Friends. Misc: New update on the yarn stash page.

HMH Club: New member! Toybox: new section for objets! Adoptables: added some objets I made. Misc: Fixed image resizing issues on a few pages. Model Kits: Three new photos of completed kits, I'm going to rework the info pages so no writen words on them yet.

HMH Club: New member! Links: 1 new link!

HMH Club: New member!

Index: Back to normal, HMH: Some new submissions + added alt text, Diary: Archived last couple months + new entry, Misc: lots of rephrasing on the sketch tutorial, Adoptables: 1 new pixel (canned drink.)

I made a very last second, lazy Halloween Page. Adoptables Page: 2 new adoptables + the Halloween Pixels I made; added alt text and the occasional hover text for extra info; very slight restructuring. Index: Blinkies are now collapsed, moved my button to links. Links Page: Moved my buttons and neocities link here, made a new button.

9 11! new HMH Dolls!!! Also Happy Birthday to my friend Liz :-) !

I'm back home! This page has Halloween colors now. I've made a tutorial on taking and editing photos of traditional sketches.

Sooooo much cleaning up/reorganizing behind the scenes of this site. Please let me know if anything is broken! Changes include but are not limited to: lots of image renaming/reorganization; rewording rules for adoptables; small visual tweaks to: all 3 adoptables pages, toybox, diary, and diary archive. Diary archive is still ugly but way more easy to read now. BTW this page should function a bit better on mobile/narrow screens now.

New Diary Entry, some adopted pixels added to toybox, a new link in links page, 1 new pixel by me (very fast/simple elephant.)

New templates for HMH club (short and tall); slight rewording of HMH page; new update on the Using up my Yarn page; I got rid of the code for my button because I remembered you can't hotlink images off of Neocities sites. Oops :-( !

New HMH members added (technically two today, haven't been keeping up on the updates tab sorry :-( ), New Diary Entry, Changed the main font for the whole site!

I made the Hold My Hand Pixel Club! And it's recieved two submissions so far :-) ! General link to its page is in "Misc. Pages."

Added a new base; added some links to links page; switched the guestbook button back to an external link because that's easier.

Added to the yarn page, added a list of video games I have played, trying to fix the index.

Made a page about my goal to use up my extra yarn. It's not visible anywhere yet but I also made a page about Mary Worth, I wish I was kidding.

New adoptable pixels; new Diary entry; some new buttons on links page; a few days ago I added a ~secret~ somewhere on the site; fixed some typos; and added a new section to the bottom of my links page: random pages in my bookmarks.

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