All images here were made by me. You can save and use them freely - no need to ask. A link back or other form of credit is greatly appreciated. Any exceptions to the these rules will be listed near the image in question. For some of them, you can hover for extra comments/info on the specific piece.


Bubbling Soup Strawberry Milkshake Chocolate Milkshake Vanilla Milkshake Twin Popsicle Popsicle Pawpaw Fruit Canned Boba Tea Hot Chocolate


Chives Lucky Bamboo Long Pothos Pot Tomato Plant ZZ Plant Prickly Pear Pansy Short Pothos Pot Repeating vertical pothos vine


Lamp Lit Lamp Generic Lip Gloss Lash Discovery Mascara Great Lash Mascara Lash Sensational Mascara Mascara Remover Cielnova Transparent Windows Box White Keyboard Yellowed Keyboard Black Keyboard Rainbow Keyboard caterpillar-like-bug Dancing bug Heart that says I love You! Steward Construct Animated Steward Contruct Chibi Monkey Sitting, smiling blob Yelling Frog Head Horse Elephant Gudetama Sponge Halloween Treat Bag Pink Butterfly Unicorn small unicorn


primary grid tile pastel dot columns tile cyan tiles berry tiles brick pattern tile grey panel tile stitched tile mossy brick tile woven pattern tile hearts and squares tile plaid tile grass tile starry sky tile primary dot-grid tile crocheted squares tile rainbow gradient tile

Blinkies, Buttons, So Forth:

As is the nature of these, you don't have to link me back lol.

flamin hot cheetos

Pixel Cliques and Online Events:

Please respect the rules listed on their respective pages when adopting!

Mint Chocolate Chip Icecream Teacup teacup with a marble statue and flowing water
Made for The Afternoon Tea Club

Green and black lava lamp lava lamp with a ghost inside
Made for The Lava Lounge

Hello Kitty-based Kitty
Made for Kitty Friends Pixel Club

Candy Corn Bunny
Made for The Bunny Garden

Ghost Pumpkin
Made for The 32Bit Cafe's 2023 Halloween Event Pumpkin Patch

Toasterblush compact
Made for Objets

cloud bracelet charmsnowflake bracelet charm
Made for Charm Bracelets

Made for the holiday contest on Juice-Bar!
Note: The snowglobe base was provided for the contest

Made for 32-bit Cafe's 2023 Holiday event.


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