Grown locally in the USA.

Favorite Color: Grey

Favorite Vegetable: Peas

Hobbies: Drawing/painting; model kits; browsing the web; talking to my friends; playing video games

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March 2, 2023: Hi there! First off, thank you to the people that have added my button to their sites! That's very kind, considering I don't have a links page yet :').
Second, Just felt like checking in. I made a new button for the front page! For this month I want to remake the diary button (it's so ugly OTL;;),reorganize the pixel art page, start a new base, make some dolls, make some more small makeup pixels, tidy up some other pages, add to my toybox page, so forth. I'm not sure what page I will end up
Other thoughts: I've been feeling very down lately. At least my gunpla should be here soon! The one that was in preorder purgatory is now in stock. I also got perfection on my main farm in Stardew Valley finally! I've set up a sort of "art club" (club is a strong word) with my friends. Basically trying to inspire each other to draw, and showing off what we've made to each other. So I've been doing non-pixel art more lately, which is nice.


February 2, 2023: Hello! Just been existing. I got a new monitor for my birthday, and it's almost 10 inches wider (19 vs 27 inches!) I have just enough room to dual monitor :-). I'm not used to big screens so I keep using everything in small windows haha. My old monitor is...old, from 2007 iirc. It's nice to see things in what I assume are their actual colors. I used to have 2 monitors a few years ago, for a few months I used my TV as my main monitor. but it was WAY too big (32 inches) for how shallow my desk is, so it just hurt my eyes.

Anyway, I'm working on a new base. I plan on making it much more customizable with a variety of limb poses, and alternate eyes. I'd love to one day make a more realistic portrait base, with lots of eye/nose/lip/etc. shapes (have to get better at pixel art first, though.) I have dreams also of making a dollmaker, I just need to...actually learn how to make one OTL;;;.
I've been debating some sort of page dedicated to dolling. The main ideas in my head are

I personally have a lot of interest in original doll bases by/for independent artists. I love and have a lot of nostalgia for dollmakers (I have multiple giant files of huge collections of dolls I made/attempted to edit as a kid) but those are already pretty well covered due to their popularity. Basically, I'm struggling to find the balance of "adding my input" and "repeating the same stuff over and over again"
All this talk about dolling. Rapid fire thoughts: I'm glad the OGL situation (DnD) has mostly smoothed out. Hopefully. I've been talking to my DM and others I play with about making a section of this site dedicated to our campaign. It's a world the DM made from scratch and I adore all of the love and detail put into it. I have plans to go full steam on my ~secret project~ (to my friends) soon. I bought myself some kits (including a Tamotu!) as a birthday present to myself, managed to buy one on preorder despite setting out to get them fast, and now I wait. Oops. At least it's scheduled first quarter this year. Comics: ehh?? Video Games: I want to make a shrine to Legend of Mana, my favorite game of all time. I've been playing A LOT of Stardew Valley lately. I have hopes to have married every candidate on different farms, currently switching between playing a pig farm where I'll marry Leah, and and winery where I'll marry Sebastian (FYI Sebastian hates all alcohol, consider not doing this.) Regular Art: Doing little more than sketches, I've had a big painted WIP for like a month now. My brains just set to pixel art, I guess.


January 22, 2023: Just felt like popping in. I made a doll base for the first time ever! I think I'm going to end up totally rearranging the pixels page. I think it's redundant how the plants are at the top, for one. Two, once I make more than one, the doll bases would be better on their own page. I also have an idea for pixel "stationery" (for lack of a better term.) We'll see if that works out. I've been in more of a pixel art mood than drawing, so my comics and my actual art (that I don't share here) are at a standstill currently. I have a request for anybody reading this! Tell me what you would like to see more of with doll bases. I made my first one extremely basic just to get a hang of the basics, but I am curious if there's a demand for anything in particular? Especially since I haven't really paid attention to pixel art/dolling since around 2008. Tiny bases, larger than normal? Certain poses, certain bodies? Let me know in my guestbook!
I've also made the bones of a page for my gunpla collection, I just need to actually take photos. My collection is far from impressive but I want to share my love for them. Plus, I'm probably going to buy myself a couple more for my birthday (Which is not today but I'm celebrating today :-) )

Edit: I made this showing the process of working on this dollbase, and then forgot to share it!